It looks like Mercedes Benz is delaying the official announcement regarding the new Mercedes Benz B Class, instead the German company is slowly releasing one detail at a time. After the recently announced details about the engines, the drivetrain and the technology, Mercedes has recently release a press release unveiling more photos and complete details about the car’s interior. If you wish to buy this luxury car, you might want to look into playing 바카라 사이트 online and start saving money. 

The German giant has put a lot of work into developing the new B Class, not only because of the car’s market, which is very popular in Western Europe, but also because this is the first model built on Mercedes’ new compact class platform. In the future, the drivetrain and the technology behind the model will power the upcoming A Class, the upcoming Audi Q3 and BMW X1 competitor, most likely to be called GLC and also the mini-CLS, a state-of-the-art limousine with futuristic four-door coupe design. Knowing all these, no wonder the B Class’ interior was designed at the company’s Advanced Design Studio design center in Como, Italy, which shows that Mercedes is the first German carmaker to recognize acknowledge the Italians’ supremacy when it comes to car design.

As you can see from the pictures, the new B Class will feature a very luxurious interior for its class. Of course, an interior like the ones in these photos costs a lot, but the contrasting stitching ARTICO leather will be on the options list and won’t come as standard. In total, there will be three trim levels, Exclusive, Chrome and Sports. The steering wheel comes from Mercedes’ ultra-luxurious CLS and all the models equipped with the 7G-DCT double-clutch automatic transmission will have the gear changer on the steering wheel, just like the new M Class.

The interior’s sporty touch is brought by the round air vents and the four clocks on the instrument panel. The central design element, the COMMAND infotainment system’s display seems to float above the dashboard and it will be available in two sizes, 14.7 and 17.8 inches. Also regarding the interior, more interesting than leather, stitching or ambient lighting are the details about the space designated for the rear passengers. Mercedes-Benz announces that the 87 mm of knee space for the rear passenger is larger than the E Class and even the company’s flagship, the S Class. Also, the optional EASY-VARIO-PLUS system will allow rear seats to be adjusted on the horizontal on a 140 mm distance.

And one more thing. If you look at this car’s interior and you feel that you’re looking at one of the most beautiful cars in the world, you must know that Mercedes discovered that when it comes to sensory psychology, cars stimulate that area of the brain which is usually turned on when we’re feeling content and happy. So watch out, because it looks like Mercedes is starting playing with our mind.